A while back, I shared a blog post about what Reiki is. Reiki is energy work that came from Japan. It helps balance the energy in your body, to help clear out anything you’re holding onto that no longer serves you, and it helps deeply relax you, decrease stress levels and promote healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

That’s what Reiki is in words, anyway. In experience, it’s completely different.

In my blog post about Reiki, I shared experiences that some of my clients have had. Today, I’d like to share experiences my clients have had more recently, to give you an idea of how powerful Reiki can be. I do not share these experiences to toot my own horn, nor do I share the names of my clients, so they remain anonymous. I also don’t want to freak you out! Many people come in and have nothing out of the ordinary happen during a session. They just leave deeply relaxed, they go home and get the best night of sleep, and they feel better than usual for a few days or weeks.

Some people, however, are very open to the energy. I find that the more open you are to the energy, the more of an experience you could have. Here are some of the experiences my clients have recently had:

  • One lady came to me for a session, with this openings line: “I’ve been a mess for the past seven years, and more so lately than ever. You should have a hay day with me.” She had a lot of old negative energy that she was carrying around with her, and she knew it! She’s been having lots of financial struggles, but still, she paid for a session and believed it would help her. Did it ever! She cried through most of the session, and I felt so much negative energy leaving her body, it felt to me like the body was shaking. I also saw the shadow of a figure walking around the room during the session. It felt very peaceful. I asked her if she had lost someone close to her, and she began sobbing and said she had lost her son and had tried connecting with him through a medium ever since. She was 100 percent certain that it was him that had visited during her session, and she told me that I gave her the first sense of peace in seven years.
  • A spirit came to visit another male client of mine as well. Again, I saw the shadow of a figure walking around the room during the session, and it felt peaceful. (Sometimes, a shadow can represent a negative entity being released from the body, or it can represent a negative emotion or memory leaving the body. I have to differentiate these during the session.) I brought this up to my client afterward, and he said he felt sure that it was his grandma visiting. He lost his grandma last year and hadn’t yet been able to let her go. He holds onto her passing all the time. She came to tell him that is was okay to let her go, and that she’s still with him all the time. She really let her presence be known when she stopped my music right in the middle of the session! That was a first.

Note: If the thought of a spirit or entity visiting during your session freaks you out, it won’t happen to you. When it has happened, it has always been with a client who isn’t scared of it at all, who has a deep attachment to someone who has passed, and who accepts it as being truth without hesitation. I have never had this happen during a session with a client who is less open to this idea, or frightened by it. You only get the experience that you are meant to have!

  • Another male client came in to see me recently because when he met me at a market, where I was a vendor, he saw purple light streaming from my fingertips! He said he is very scientific in his way of thinking, so he literally walked around the room and looked for where a reflection of purple light might have been coming from. When he didn’t find any, and still saw the purple light coming from my fingers when I’d move my hands around, he decided to take it as an omen and sign up for a session. (Purple is the color of the seventh chakra, the crown chakra, which has the highest energy and connects us to the divine.) After the session, he said that he felt like he was in a euphoric state. When I told him everything I had picked up on in his body, he told me it was all 100 percent accurate and made total sense to him. He was amazed and gave me a hug.
  • One lady client comes in for a session once per month, and she always uses crystals to enhance the session. (Ask me for more details about crystals!) Each month, I can physically feel her energies getting stronger and flowing more freely. She picks up on the energy more and more in each session, too. She sometimes visualizes a certain color or image, like flowing water, and I was visualizing that same image in the same place on her body! It’s like we are connecting on another frequency level. She said she felt someone holding her hand during one session, on the opposite side of where I was working on her. Her life is improving, too. She’s more mentally focused, feels lighter, sleeps better, speaks her thoughts more, and life just seems to go better for her for weeks at a time.

I share these examples with you, again, not to toot my own horn as a Reiki Master, or to freak you out, or to give you expectations of what your session might be like. Everyone’s sessions are different! Many clients just leave in a totally relaxed state of mind. Others leave with experiences like these. You just never know. But if you have any physical pain, or stress, depression, anxiety or a mind that never shuts off, or you have emotional or mental baggage that you need to release, or life just doesn’t seem to go well for you, come in for a session. You’ll feel relaxed and less stressed, and I can tell you what I picked up on in your body. None of my clients have left disappointed as far as I know!

I do Reiki sessions on Tuesday evenings at Nurture the Journey Wellness Studio in Minooka, and I can do Reiki in your home on other days/nights of the week. Just contact me to schedule something and we’ll go from there! Namaste!