I have been taking Alicia’s nutrition program for a few months now. I had many reasons for wanting to try the program, but first and foremost was because I wanted to feel healthier. I knew my eating habits were not ideal, my energy wasn’t what it used to be, and I wanted to educate myself on a better, more natural course of nutrition. This program is very thorough and is a fully customized based on each individual’s body, health, and goals. Each session is a new learning experience, as there is so much I did not know about how food relates to each individual’s own unique make-up. With my input and Alicia’s guidance and knowledge, I’ve been able to overcome many poor eating habits, learn a ton that I didn’t know about what I’m actually putting into my body, and also pick up some other lifestyle changes to reduce stress and promote an overall healthy lifestyle. Some of the benefits I started feeling right away were an increase in energy throughout the day, more regularity with my digestion, with a noticeable decrease in symptoms of indigestion, and I’ve saved money by doing a lot more of my own cooking. Alicia’s recipes are delicious and easy to make, and I think I may actually enjoy food more now then I ever have before!

I would recommend this program to everyone.  Better eating habits based on your goals, combined with the knowledge of what foods are most important for your unique body, is as personalized as any program could ever get.  This is not a diet program; this is a lifestyle program.  It’s for you, based on you, and that makes the program more enjoyable, more effective, easier to follow, and much more likely to stick with.

 ~Craig H., age 29, Health Coach Client, Completed 6-Month Program March 2012


Ann_Photo.jpgAlicia has been excellent to work with. She helped me through so many of my problems, gave me examples of how to fix them, truly listened like so few people do anymore, gave me items to try at each of our sessions, and emailed me between sessions. During the program, I tried new foods, such as kale and quinoa, which I now love. I shared them with family members and expanded the benefits of nutrition. When I started the program, I was going out to eat everyday with my husband. Now, I’m eating better and making more recipes at home instead of always going out to eat. I’m also drinking much more water and less coffee. I can feel the difference in the way my body feels. My clothes now fit looser and I have more energy, making going up and down stairs much easier! After I retired, I became bored, restless and depressed. Alicia and I came up with ways for me to enjoy life again. She also made me realize how important it is to take time for myself, which I needed. I’d recommend her!

~Ann Van Dyke, age 71, Health Coach Client, Completed 6-Month Program August 2012


Pam_Photo.jpgDuring my six-month program with Alicia, I went through dramatic changes and accomplished so much more than I ever imagined I would. I went into the program overweight, addicted to coffee and sugar, having just recently stopped smoking three packs a day (for 42 years) and was unable to walk without a cane. I had knee replacement surgery two months prior, with complications, and my access body weight was causing my knee to suffer even more.

Together, Alicia and I created goals for me to work on, and rather than reaching them, I far exceeded them. I lost consistent weight throughout the six months, but more importantly, I learned how to care more about how I feel than how many pounds I lose each week. I added new foods to my diet and now eat more balanced, consistent meals. I started drinking way more water and cut back on my coffee intake. I got rid of all the junk food in my house and stopped eating sugary sweets. Without the sugar, I no longer experience the emotional ups and downs that I used to, and I’m always more aware of how my body feels, and what it needs. My intuition even grew stronger!

My knee improved so much that I no longer walk with a cane. I take my dog for walks, I’m in a weekly workout class and I am able to climb the stairs in my house and sleep in the same room as my husband again. That’s huge for me.

Alicia was an outstanding health coach. She wasn’t at all fake while we worked together. Her personality shined through, along with her empathy. Health coaching entirely comes natural to her, and she has a talent for it. If you want to experience life changes far more vast than you could ever imagine, sign up for a six-month program with Alicia! It’s so much more than nutrition counseling. It is very much 
like having a life coach too, depending upon how much you let her help you. 

~Pam Malec, age 60, Health Coach Client, Completed Six-Month Program October 2012


Your ‘Dreams with Deadlines’ program really opened my eyes to things about myself I wasn’t 100% aware of. I loved the meditations and the breathing technique that you taught me, which I now use daily. I also loved what you said about how we’re born empty, essentially, and we acquire all of these traits that make us who we are. The idea that we’re not defined by our character but our character is defined by us. I like that.

I want to share the bizarre way that this program affected me. I started applying the goal I came up with in the program without realizing it. I started doing it, thinking I just came up with it, and then I went back and read the notebook and I was like wait a minute! This is what I came up with in the program! It was on such a deep, intellectual, subconscious level that all of this worked through me.  Thank you so much! You’re doing some powerful stuff and I’m glad I got to be a part of it! 

~Nicole Newman, age 27, Health Coach Client, Completed ‘Dreams with Deadlines’ Program June 2013


I participated in Alicia’s 10-day virtual detox. The method of delivery may have been virtual (e-mails) but the results were very real.

I received an e-mail each of the 10 days– they were chock full of information and tips plus homework assignments to help me kick-start some much needed changes in
my life. Of course nutrition was covered, but other important topics for mental and emotional well being were included. I lost 7 lbs over the 10 days by following the ideas Alicia included, but also came to clarity on a few other areas of my life.

I highly recommend this program!

~Therese M., Virtual 10-Day Detox Participant, Completed Detox January 2014


I decided to have Reiki done because of chronic pain I was experiencing from a nerve condition that Western medicine has been unable to adequately treat. I have also been going through major life changes, including waking up to a spiritual side that I knew was there, but largely ignored most of my life.

So far, I’ve had three Reiki sessions from Alicia. I now have more clarity in my life and deal with the situation I’m in with gratitude. It was astounding to me how the major emotional blocks holding me back immediately came to the surface.

I would most definitely recommend Reiki to everyone. The level of serenity attained at the session alone is worth the cost of the session. It lingers for a couple days. If you are open-minded enough to receive the other benefits, it is an incredible bargain. Alicia’s young appearance hides a gentle old soul that is wise beyond her years.

~Jim Bencie, Reiki Client