Anyone who has been following my blog for some time now knows that I usually create a post after each vacation I take. I feel the most relaxed, yet the most focused, and the most alive, during vacations. This allows messages and epiphanies from the highest divine sources to just flood my mind, heart and soul, and this is when I’m most apt to hear and understand these messages. So I like to write them down, and to share them with others.

I took a trip to visit my cousin in Arizona for a week. This wasn’t a total vacation, we both worked a bit while I was there, but it sure felt like one. Even my work brought me joy, because I was in a new environment, drinking delicious smoothies for breakfast and having the company of two adorable dogs.

We kept busy by hiking up mountains and cliffs, and into canyons and vortexes. We went to the zoo lights in Phoenix. We laid by a pool, jumped into said pool with its freezing cold waters, had a bonfire, drove around looking at insane Christmas lights, walked around a town built on a mountain, went horseback riding, ate a lot of amazing food, went on a trio date, took the dogs for lots of walks, visited a winter farmers market, watched movies, decorated her apartment for Christmas, and so much more.

My favorite part of the trip, which comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me, was the hiking. Boy, did we hike. These hikes mostly took place in Sedona, which is known for having incredible energy vortexes that people can just physically feel when near to them. We hiked to one, which took all day, and we almost gave up on numerous occasions. Then we finally reached it.

If you ever have a chance to visit one of these vortexes, do it! I felt the energy change as soon as we reached it. When I looked out into the canyon from above, it just looked different. The air and the lighting were… off. It was freezing inside that canyon, but the minute I started doing Reiki, my hands were on fire. When I meditated, my palms were buzzing stronger than I’ve ever felt them buzz.

Meanwhile, my cousin was hearing noises that I wasn’t. First she heard a loud hammering sound that she thought it impossible for me not to hear. Then she heard the sound of bees buzzing around her. We both heard water flowing, but saw none. I don’t know what the meaning of the noises was!

When we got to that vortex, neither of us had an ounce of energy or strength left in us. When we left, we were practically skipping down the trail. All the way back, we were cracking up at everything, and we saw so many images in the rock formations that we hadn’t seen on the way there. The trail seemed way shorter too, even though it pretty much took us the same amount of time. In short, it felt like we were on drugs, but of course we were not. Crazy, wonderful experience!

Then we visited a psychic healer in Sedona that was recommended to me by a friend. Although his advice was vague, and broad, it was powerful. He told us to do whatever brings us joy. Life isn’t that complicated. Do what brings us joy. Always watch our thoughts and feelings, because those are what create our reality. What we put out, we get back. With relationships, he said a relationship will always be complicated. As long as both people are committed, anything is possible.

He then sent healing energy into my body through my eyes, which was so powerful, my eyes started blinking and watering nonstop. He looked at my palms and said that my healing abilities are extremely strong. Then later, he kept looking away, saying that the light coming from my palms was blinding him. So if you want a Reiki session, you can feel confident in receiving one from me! 😉

To top off that experience, when my cousin and I got back in her car to drive home, the radio turned on. We had it on a Christmas station. A song neither of us had ever heard was playing. The words were exactly what the psychic had been telling us. That, my friends, is synchronicity.

All in all, this was an incredibly powerful trip with many wonderful messages. That, combined with sunshine, and tons of laughs with my cousin, made for an amazing uplift in my winter mood. When you have the chance to travel, do it! I never regret it, especially when it means discovering new parts of untouched nature in this amazing world we live in.